drabkin (bonbonvivant) wrote,

Мне не понравился

Чисто визуально - летающий блин. Берем и сравниваем:

Такое ощущение, что до нужной формы нужно дорабатывать напильником.

Зато ближайшая неделя будет захватывающей

russiastrong.forums.ru: T-50 vs F-22 victories : 1 to 100 or 1 to 1000?

USAstrong.forums.ru: Why FAK PA s..cks compared to F-15C

lockheed.martin.forums.com: The Russkies stole it again

yf23fans.sad.forums.com: Memoriiiiies.... Why Sukhoi is better than LM

russian-military-experts.com /.ru: PAK FA: a great hoax that doesn't work

cnn.com/forum: Cash-strapped Russia finally test its 5th generation fighter

bbc.co.uk/forum: Cash-strapped Russia finally flies an outdated Raptor copy

bharat.india.strong.com/forum: Should India continue to build the PAK FA in Russia or go on on its own?

beijing.greater-china.cn/forum: How China surpasses both the US and Russia (photoshop only thread)

stealth-machines.f22.com/forum: Why the PAK FA is not stealthy

paralay.ru/forum: 3D and graphic designers badly needed!

banderaaviation.nation.ua/forum: Why everything Russian s..cks, especially PAK FA

french-touchdown.aviation.fr/forum: Russia joins US and France in the 5th generation club

georgia.fight-for-freedom.com/forum: PAK FA: another barbarious crime

poland-not-yet-dead.freedom.com/forum: Why doesn't the US give us 1000 PAC-3 against PAK FA?

starwars.jedi.com/forum: They promised a Death Star and we got bantha dung
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